Anne T. Baum's Watercolor Gallery

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At Maritime Museum, Watercolor, 17" x 14.5" Matted and Framed, $225

Winter Glow, Watercolor, 17" x 14.5" Matted and Framed, $225 Red Barn, Watercolor,  15" x 13" Matted and Framed, $175 Walk in the Park, Watercolor, 16.75 x 13" Matted and Framed, $250

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Koi Fish #1, Watercolor, 19" x 15.5" Matted and Framed, $265

Dry Dock, 17" x 14.5", Matted and Framed, $225

Winter West Stockbridge, Watercolor, 18" x14.5", Matted and Framed,  $250 Boats (1), Watercolor, 17.5" x 15" Matted and Framed, $250
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Before the Unveiling, Watercolor, 17" x 14.5, Matted and Framed, $225 Pink Rose, Watercolor, 9"x12", Unframed

Flower Box - Assisi, 14"x17", Matted and Framed, $250

Boats 2 (Bellport), Watercolor, 14" x 17" Matted and Framed, $250

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Sunflowers with Brick Wall, 13.5"x21", Matted and Framed on Request

3 Boats, Maritime Museum, W. Sayville, 9"x12", $175 Unframed, $275 Framed

Lone Tree, 9"x12", Unframed

Waterfall, Watercolor, 13.5"x21" Matted and Framed, $375

ConeFlower(BlackEyedSusan).jpg (109201 bytes)

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SculptureGardenPecsHundary.jpg (31721 bytes)

Orchids2.jpg (35084 bytes)

Cone Flowers (Black Eyed Susan), 14.5"x17" Matted and Framed, $225

Jordan Playing in the Sand, 9"x12"; Price on Request

Sculpture Garden, Pecs Hungary, 12"x16", Unframed

Orchids, 21"x28" Matted and Framed, $375

RedTulipsInAvase.jpg (31133 bytes)

OrangeBudsInPurpleVase9x12WatercolorReduced.jpg (35964 bytes)

OrangeTulips.jpg (37861 bytes)

BirchTrees.jpg (35714 bytes)

Red Tulips in a Vase, 7"x9", Unframed

Chinese Lanterns,   Watercolor, 9"x12", Unframed

Orange Tulips, 14"x17" Matted and Framed, $185

Birch Trees, 19.5"x24" Matted and Framed, $350

AnnesSummerDay.jpg (37442 bytes)

CleaningThe Boat2.jpg (25974 bytes)

ThreeSunflowersOnGreen.jpg (38090 bytes)

Drydock.jpg (29376 bytes)

Summer Day, 9"x12" Unframed

Cleaning the Boat, Watercolor, 4"x6" + Matt and Frame, $150

3 Sunflowers on Green Cloth, 14.5"x17" Matted and Framed,  $225

Dry-dock W. Sayville, 14.5"x17" Matted and Framed, $225

SailorsGettingTheBoatReady2.jpg (33294 bytes)

StillLifeApplesInAbox.jpg (42814 bytes)

SunflowersNearWindow.jpg (23132 bytes)

WestSayville.jpg.jpg (40623 bytes)

Sailors Getting the Boat Ready, 8.5"x10.5" Matted and Framed, $110

Copy of CÚzanne, Apples and a Brown Bottle, 12"x16", Unframed

Sunflowers Near the Window, 9"x12",  + Matt and Frame

West Sayville - In the Sun, 9"x12", + Matt and Frame  

Islip_Mueseum_in_the_Spring.jpg (83434 bytes)

Islip_Museum_in_the_Fall.jpg (79228 bytes)

Pink_Orchids.jpg (45037 bytes)

Swan_Lake_in_the_Fall.jpg (59636 bytes)

Islip Museum in the Spring, 7"x5", $125 Framed

Islip Museum in the Fall, 7.75"x5", $125 Framed

Pink Orchids, 6"x7", $175 Framed

Swan Lake in the fall, 7"x5", $125 Framed

ConnetquatPark2.jpg (34927 bytes)

Summer.jpg (67728 bytes)

Fall.jpg (70881 bytes)

Winter2.jpg (403566 bytes)

Connetquot Park, 13.5"x17" Matted and Framed, $225

Summer, 5"x7", $75 

Fall, 5"x7", $75 

Winter, 5"x7", $75 

MaritimeMuseum5.jpg (37503 bytes)

BoysFIshing2.jpg (30616 bytes)

Dry_Dock_Tugboat_small.jpg (255731 bytes)

St_Thomas_Seaside.jpg (29080 bytes)

Long Island Maritime Museum, 9"x12", $175 Unframed, $275 Framed

Boys Fishing

Dry Dock Tugboat, W. Sayville, 13"x16", $175 Matted

 Seaside, 14"x20" Framed

Relaxing.jpg (144098 bytes)

fruit&vase.jpeg (122992 bytes)

3pears.jpeg (142254 bytes)

Still Life with Banana & Br Vase.jpg (138805 bytes)

Relaxing by the Bay, 9"x12", $95 Unframed

Still Life, Blue Vase & Apples, 19"x23" Matted and Framed

Three Pears,  9"x12",  + Matt and Framed

Still Life with Banana & Br Vase, 12"x16" Unframed


Still Life with Gourds.jpg (128132 bytes)

Still Life with Green Candle.jpg (141845 bytes)

Moored_at_W_Sayville_small.jpg (272949 bytes)

The_Leaning_Tree_Small.jpg (338878 bytes)

Still Life with Gourds, 12"x16" Unframed

Still Life with Green Candle,  12"x16" Unframed  

Moored at W. Sayville Marina, 16"x20", Matted and Framed, $325

The Leaning TRee, W. Sayville Marina, 16"x20", $195; Matted and Framed, $275

Arbor_in_the_Back_small.jpg (279139 bytes)

Watercolor_Girl_Flowers_Small.jpg (112021 bytes)

Still_Life_-_With_Grapes_Books_and_Pumpkin.jpg (120882 bytes)

The_Barn.jpg (89043 bytes)

The Arbor in the Back, W. Sayville, 10"x14", $125 Matted  

Writing a Letter, 18"x24", Matted and Framed

Still Life - With Grapes, Books and Pumpkin

The Barn

Sun_Flower_Grapes_and_Candle,jpg.jpg (240869 bytes)

West_Sayville_Picnic_Table.jpg (99619 bytes)

Birds_in_Flight(1).jpg (369720 bytes)

March_of_the_Animals(1).jpg (53940 bytes)

Sunflowers, Grapes and Candle

West Sayville Picnic Table

Birds in Flight

March of the Animals

Colored_Puzzel.jpg (285192 bytes)

Outlined_in_Silver.jpg (376152 bytes)

Still_Life_with_Fruit_&_Daisies(1).jpg (133567 bytes)

Variation_of_Stonewall(1).jpg (55590 bytes)

Colored Puzzle

Outlined in Silver

Still Live with Fruit and Daisies

Variation of a Stonewall

Swirls_of_Color.jpg (548637 bytes)

Wooden_Column_Revisited.jpg (407799 bytes)

Tree1.jpg (152745 bytes)

Longing (852x1024).jpg (578681 bytes)

Swirls of Color

Wooden Column Revisited

Little Tree

Longing, 9" x 12" without mat

Many_Faces (2).jpg (433021 bytes)

Many Faces, 12" x 14" without mat

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